Confirmation of Supplier's Performance | Component Comparison

Percept gives you an unbiased evaluation of your supplier’s part helping you find the most cost effective component for your product. When choosing a supplier’s component for your product, it’s important to determine which one is the best fit. Percept can find out whether a part will meet the needs of your product. We can prove a supplier’s specifications are accurate and notify you of any details that may be crucial in your product’s usability. We can also determine the reliability of the component and how that will affect your product’s reliability.

In addition, we offer a side by side comparison of two (or more) components. You can take the data and decide which part works best and is most cost effective to use in your product.              Call today for your            FREE Consultation!                                                      303.444.7480                                                         Back to Stage 2: Feasibility

By choosing Percept as your partner, you will gain confidence in the overall performance and reliability of your product… not to mention, the unbiased data to back it up. Making informed decisions ensure your product’s quality and your customer’s satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Ensure customer satisfaction with the confidence that your product has quality, reliable parts in it
  • Cut warranty costs by confirming reliable parts for your product and understanding what affect they have on your product’s overall reliability
  • Save money by choosing the most cost effective component for your product


  • Identification of the characteristics we need to evaluate
  • Proof your supplier’s specifications are met and exposed details that may be necessary for usability
  • Determine the reliability of the component and effect that has on your product’s reliability
  • Side by side comparison to help you choose the most cost effective component for your product without sacrificing quality
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