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Percept confirmed this customer’s shipping impact crushed the corners; they were able to ensure quality on the inside of the packaging however.Percept evaluates how your product will look after it is shipped. We can verify if your product will be in good working order when your customer gets the package. We all know how boxes shift and get tossed around during transportation, wouldn’t it be great to know how much your product can handle?     Call today for your              FREE Consultation!                 303.444.7480                                              Back to Stage 4: Validation

Percept can reveal your product’s weak points during shipment. We can offer suggestions for improvement and ensure you have the most cost effective packaging without losing quality.

In addition to ensuring your product's reliability during and throughout shipping and distribution, there are a number of industry specific standards, including ISTA (or Interntational Safe Transit Association) tests and standardized ASTM (or American Society for Testing and Materials) tests, for package testing. While there are many standards available for use, most of the time the standard leaves it to you to determine the proper drop height and provides a minimum quantity of drops to perform on each face, corner and edge. The most common standards we test to are ISTA 3A and MIL-STD- 810. 

Finding out the trade-offs between great packaging and expensive packaging is important in keeping your costs down while maintaining quality. Packaging balances your product design. If you have a really durable design, you may be able to use a little cheaper packaging. Most importantly, Percept will ensure your customers will be happy when they open the package and receive their product. We give you confidence that it won’t arrive in pieces.  

What Are the Benefits?

  • Save money by choosing cost effective packaging without losing quality
  • Lower warranty costs by reducing the chance a customer will be replacing their brand new product
  • Ensure customer service and maintain reputation by proving your packaging is durable


  • Evaluation of the strength of your packaging according to ISTA standards
  • Expose the weak points in your product during shipments
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Determination of how many G forces your product will see

In order to determining shipping impact, or package testing, Percept can include drop tests, shock testing, vibration tests, environmental tests and tempertaure and humidity. For more detailed information on these different test types, please see the following pages:

Environmental Testing

Temperature and Humidity

Shock Testing

Vibration Testing

Drop Tests

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