Prove Your Product Using Independent Product Testing

Choices in today's markets can be overwhelming... so it's vital to KNOW your product inside and out before it reaches your customers. The best way to ensure your product's success is to get your information from Percept, an unbiased, accurate testing facility. 

Objective Product Testing Establishes Credibility

By having an independent lab test your product you have the proof to back you up, providing you with:

  • Product Claims
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Proven Reliability
  • Improvements in Quality

Can your competitors prove their claims? Can YOU? Avoid this from happening... Read "Sketchers Will Pay $40 Million to Settle FTC Claims"

How EXACTLY does your product stand up? Percept can arm your marketing team with a Demonstration of Competitive Advantages

Do you know EVERYTHING about your product? What are its stress limits? How long will it last? What's the failure rate? What about               Shipping Impact?

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