Why Are Drop Tests Important?

Our drop tester allows companies to see how their product will survive shipping and handling.Drop tests verify the ability of a product or package to withstand the rigors of handling during distribution. Drop testing is a very common part of ISTA (or International Safe Transit Association) testing procedures. It is crucial that laboratory drop testing be done on a system designed to insure the flattest impacts possible. Studies have shown conclusively that a truly flat drop represents the worst possible input to a packaged product. 

While there are many standards available for use, most of the time the standard leaves it to you to determine the proper drop height and provides a minimum quantity of drops to perform on each face, corner and edge. The most common standards we test to are ISTA 3A and MIL-STD- 810.

This shows an example of damage done to a cell phone after a drop test.Percept’s equipment allows drop testing to be performed on the package’s edges and corners, for complete performance evaluation. This allows us to thoroughly examine the effectiveness of package cushioning. Drop tests also verify its ability to protect your product, packaging materials, closures, and other critical design attributes when exposed to all possible drop test orientations.        Call today for your           FREE Consultation!                303.444.7480                                                              To                  Shipping Impact

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