What is Environmental Testing?

Percept’s environmental testing chambers produce constant or cycling temperatures ranging from -150 F to + 350 F to test either operating or non-operating units.Environmental testing demonstrates a product’s ability to perform during or after exposure to a specific environment. Specific environmental stressors are used to accelerate the aging process in products for life testing. These environmental tests are used to prove:

  • Product Reliability
  • Prepare procedures on proper and safe operation
  • Verify manufacturer’s claims regarding limits
  • Determine realistic warranty terms

Environmental testing is not confined to temperature and humidity testing. Vibration testing is another accelerant that can be used. For example, design for transportation simulation is important in any manufacturing environment. Common carriers expose packages to extreme dynamic forces, which can result in a product’s failure before arrival at its ultimate destination. Our transportation simulation tests replicate conditions during transportation and storage of products in boxes or packages. Percept can also test products designed to operate under mobile conditions so you’re fully confident that your products will arrive safely and operate correctly.        Call today for your           FREE Consultation!                 303.444.7480                                                  Back to Product Performance

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