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Tips For Evaluating Power Supplies

Power supplies are theoretically simple devices, and conceptually, evaluating them is quite straightforward: Do they put out the correct voltage and current? Today's modern power supplies are anything but simple..... Read More - Tips For Evaluating Power Supplies

Top Four Reasons For EMC Failure

We often have companies calling in to get a price for certification with the assumption their product will pass… Sometimes the products will pass—and mostly due to having an EMC engineer on their in-house team. However, more often we get calls from companies who have gone to a lab and failed.... Find out the Top Four Reasons For EMC Failure

Common Issues With HALT

We often receive calls from customers wanting us to provide a HALT test for their product. Many times, HALT is exactly what they want and we offer it to them. More often, the customers are really looking for product lifetime information, or for reliability testing in general. HALT testing is one very important tool in the arsenal of reliability testing tools.... What are the Common Issues With HALT?

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